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On request, we organise visits of farmers involved in our projects. The objective is to communicate and share knowledgein agroecology. So do not hesitate to contact us!

The visits are aimed at a wide public: producers, schools, private companies, public bodies but also the general public!

The farms are located in the Rhône and represent a wide range of production systems:polyculture, polyculture-livestock farming or arboriculture.

The agro-ecological practices developed are the following:

  • cropping systems: intercropping, plant cover, long and diversified rotations, reduced tillage, mechanical weeding, use of old varieties
  • exploitation : semis de bandes enherbées, plantation de haies, échange paille contre fumier, transformation à la ferme
  • territory: direct sales and other short channels

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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