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Let’s develop together another agricultural model

Today the stakes around the transformation of agricultural support are numerous:

  • How to turn this undergone transformation into an opportunity?
  • How to develop value chain performance and competitiveness?
  • Sustainability issues and new agricultural practices
  • Separation of consulting and sales, structuring of the “consulting” offer
  • The issue of farmer loyalty, changing profiles and expectations
  • Multiplication of sources of advice and information

Our solutions:

  • Adapting its service strategy
  • Frame the issues and objectives
  • Frame the issues and objectives
  • Adapting Organizations (HR, management, IS)
  • Structure your roadmap
  • Developing the added value and the impact of the advice
  • Generate employee awareness
  • Bring the new postures and tools
  • Developing talent
  • Changing practices

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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