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Be a pioneer in technical agronomic innovation: train and develop your skills

The CDA (agricultural engineer) offers a complete catalog of professional training to help farmers to better :

  • understand the functions of the soil and the landscape
  • address the systems approach to the farm business

On catalog or on request, our trainings :

  • are based on the most recent advances in agronomy
  • adapt to your needs
  • take into account the economic stakes of agricultural production

It is possible to plan training cycles to support the approaches of innovative farmer groups in the long term.

Our offers

Accompaniment by an agricultural engineer

Animals that value local resources to provide quality products

Why evaluate and improve food self-sufficiency?

The feeding of farm animals remains in many farms the first item of financial expenditure and working time, and the guarantor of the sustainability of the farm (adaptation to hazards, maintenance of biodiversity …).

For what purpose?

  • Understand and characterize the state and potential of available resources
  • Analyze the consistency of practices, available resources and production objectives
  • Define a management strategy that maximizes the autonomy and resilience of the power system

Our services

We offer you a full range of services, complete and focused on animal feeding

  • Audit of the feeding system: tour of the plots, cultural profile of the pastured soils, composition of the rations, fodder balance sheet, according to the problems that we will have pre-identified.
  • Interpretation of analyses of feed values of fodder, of animal performances
  • Comprehensive and well-argued action plan
  • In-season follow-up to promote the best technical choices

Animals adapted to the environment and production objectives

Why work on the genetic composition of my herd?

The expression of the genetic potential of animals in a given environment builds the animal performance of the production system.

For what purpose?

  • Understanding and characterizing the genetic potential of my herd
  • Match the aptitudes of the animals in the herd, the resources and the production objectives.
  • Define a management strategy for the genetic management of the herd

Our services

We propose you a panel of services oriented towards the management of the genetics of the herds:

  • Herd audit: animal observation, performance analysis, genetic level of the herd
  • Interpretation of analysesof animal performance tests, genetic indexes, etc.
  • Annual co-construction of mating plans

Optimal spatial and temporal organization of animal production cycles

Why work on overall herd management?

The temporal and spatial organization of the herd contributes to optimizing the use of available local resources and the working time invested.

For what purpose?

  • Understand and characterize the organization of livestock management
  • Analyze the relevance of allotment, breeding, housing management practices
  • Define an optimal and flexible driving strategy

Our services

We propose you a panel of services oriented towards the organization of the breeding management:

  • Audit of the breeding system:organization of the production and reproduction cycles, batch management, parcel management, management of the breeding buildings (sanitary, ergonomics), assigned work time
  • Action plan to optimize the overall management of the breeding operation
  • In-season follow-up to promote the best technical choices

Examples of achievements

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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