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Construction and implementation of the agricultural and food territorial strategy

To meet the challenges of agricultural development of territories (e.g. local supply, maintenance of agricultural dynamism, improvement of water and soil quality, biodiversity), the CDA assists you in the construction of a coherent territorial agricultural strategy:

1: Identify the issues of your territory related to agriculture and food

2: Understanding their interactions

3: Defining your goals for agriculture and food

4: Understanding the expectations and needs of local agricultural stakeholders

5 : Find and put in place the levers to meet your objectives and those of the local actors.

For example :

  • Define and co-construct concrete projects at the service of the territorial strategy (e.g.: development of responsible purchasing)
  • To find viable agronomic solutions for the production systems and the pedoclimatic context of each territory
  • Accompanying farmers in meeting technical challenges and mastering new production systems. (Link page farmers and farmer groups) The CDA has developed the DIPCO approach to support farmers in the transition by securing their strategic and technical choices.
  • To structure remunerative sectors that promote the environmental quality of agro-ecological products.
  • Characterize the quality and sustainability of agricultural production (multi-criteria evaluation, specifications and audits).

Examples of achievements

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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