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What does the CDA offer?

The CDA supports farmers, businesses and communities in their agro-ecological transition to responsible agriculture.

What training courses does the CDA offer?

The CDA offers training and advice in animal and plant production in order to support communities and economic actors in an agro-ecological approach.

Examples of topics covered: water quality issues, sustainable agriculture, maintaining the rural fabric, etc.

How does the CDA work?

The CDA brings a scientific and technical perspective to teach the various stakeholders to develop tomorrow’s agricultural practices independently or in groups.

The CDA advisor uses the best animation and facilitation tools, accompanied by advanced scientific and technical knowledge. It’s an “agriexpert”A facilitator and an effective facilitator to structure constructive technical dynamics and consolidatefarmers’ innovations.

What training for farmers?

The CDA works on several themes: soil health (market gardening on living soil, soil functioning, soil biology, soil diagnostics, plant cover), fertilisation and fertilisation plans, biocontrol, soil management, soil conservation, soil management, and soil conservation, theagroecology (global approach to farming and management of complex systems), the basics of carbon agronomy, innovative cropping systems, decision support tools…

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