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Our Vision

The CDA supports agricultural stakeholders (farmers, companies, communities) in their agro-ecological transition towards responsible agriculture.

Our organization, dynamic, driven by strong values, positions itself as a pragmatic player in the development of agro-ecology.

The CDA chooses to accompany the evolution of the agricultural model by working in harmony with the ecosystem of existing organizations.

Dynamism and reactivity


Pragmatism and efficiency


Openness and listening

Scientific objectivity

Union Neutrality


What is our definition of agroecology?

It is a comprehensive approach to the interaction between man and his environment for the production of goods and services from agriculture.

Agroecology :

  • Respects the functioning of ecosystemsin agricultural activity (dynamics of animal populations, biogeochemical cycles and water).
  • Restores a central role to the farmerin the design of food production and distribution systems adapted to the characteristics of his environment (natural, economic and social).
  • Creates the necessary conditions for the autonomy of the territory, the farm and the plot. It optimizes the use of natural resources.
  • Aims to empower consumers in their food choices and in their role in guiding rural and agricultural development.
Our mission

Our main mission: developing agroecology from field to plate!

The emergence of sustainable food chains is essential to ensure the development and sustainability of agro-ecological practices. This requires dialogue between farmers and their territories. Thus, the development of agroecology and the change of practices must take place at several levels: that of the farmers and that of the territories.

Agroecology is intimately linked to the soil, the climate, the social and heritage context. The new techniques are developed by those who are in the field every day, male and female farmers.

The CDA provides them with the scientific and technical hindsight they need to develop tomorrow’s agricultural practices, either independently or in groups. The CDA advisor is an agriexpert, a facilitator and an efficient facilitator to structure constructive technical dynamics and consolidate farmers’ innovations. It uses the best animation and facilitation tools, accompanied by advanced scientific and technical knowledge.

Finding the best solutions for the future in terms of agricultural practices, agronomic innovations and public policies is our concern. The CDA provides companies and land managers with a concrete and pragmatic approach to agricultural and agro-environmental issues.

The issues of water quality, sustainable agriculture and maintaining the rural fabric are complex. Establishing a constructive dialogue between the different territorial actors is essential to build concrete projects in favor of sustainable food. The CDA supports communities and economic players in meeting these challenges.

The team

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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