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Agroecology project manager: collective support and sector development

As an agricultural engineer, I specialise in territorial development and engineering. As I have always been passionate about ecology, I turned to agriculture (and more specifically agroecology) because, for me, working on local agricultural projects has social, economic and environmental benefits. For me, this is the key to the ecological transition of our territories.

Indeed, I am convinced that the co-construction of multi-partner agricultural projects is one of the keys to the emergence of new sectors and to the food resilience of territories. The change in practice requires step-by-step support and must be gradual. It is by rethinking systems and listening to the various stakeholders that we will contribute to the durability and sustainability of agriculture in France.

My tasks at the CDA :

  • Development, coordination and facilitation of agricultural projects: support for groups of farmers, territories and local authorities in the emergence of projects to meet current challenges
  • Development, coordination and leadership of “supply chain” projects: support for the structuring of local supply chains, from farm to fork.

My key skills :

  • Facilitation of exchanges and feedback
  • Coordination and engineering of multi-partner projects
  • Implementation of a territorial agricultural and food strategy
  • Implementation and creation of local supply chains (from farm to fork)
  • Facilitation – Moderation
  • Organisation of events: seminar / technical days / training
  • Support for the evaluation of systems and projects
  • Accompaniment to change

The CDA supports agricultural professionals in their agro-ecological transition. Because agroecology is the future of agriculture, act, contact us.

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