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Co-chairman, co-founder, member of the CDA since 2013

The tree with deep roots is the one that will climb high.

An agricultural engineer by training, I worked in technical support for farmers to modify production systems, before being a farmer for 5 years. Today, as a consultant at the CDA, I am involved in this agroecological transition on a daily basis.

Key competencies and expertise :

  • Accompanying change
  • Agroecological tree system
  • Soil quality assessment
  • Sizing of innovative projects
  • Financing of innovative projects
  • Farm diagnosis and sustainability assessment

I used to say that the transition of agricultural systems depends 60% on the pilot and 40% on the technique.

My experience with ecophyto groups has convinced me that successful change is above all linked to the sociological aspects of a farmer’s work. Innovative, climate-compatible, resilient and less input-intensive systems cannot be achieved solely by taking the human factor into account.
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