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Head of the R&D department

My tasks at the CDA :

They consist in defining the objectives of the trials with our partners (farmers, public, private) and in co-constructing the protocols and indicators to answer these questions. The subjects are varied, ranging from cover crops to bio-inputs, including a better knowledge of the soil, the introduction of new crops, etc.

Another important aspect is to provide farmers with tools to implement and monitor their own trials at home, because we are convinced at the CDA that innovation is already happening and that it will come from the farmers.

Finally, as head of the unit, I am in charge of seeing how R&D can be used for the CDA’s other activities (animation, consulting)… We work on many projects, a large number of cropping systems in different pedo-climatic contexts, which makes the project exciting.

As an agricultural engineer, I have worked in research institutes (INRA, CIRAD) and in Chambers of Agriculture. I was a field crop advisor for 6 years in Normandy, accompanying farmers in different systems: integrated agriculture, integrated agriculture and of course soil conservation agriculture, which allowed me to work in group or individual facilitation and to build sustainable and varied crop systems.


Skills for farmers :

  • Accompagnement du changement
  • Co-construction of cropping systems
  • Soil biology
  • Crop Auxiliaries and Ecosystem Services
  • Mechanical weeding
  • Crop combinations, cover crops…

Competencies for partners :

  • Accompagnement du changement
  • Knowledge of a wide range of cropping systems and the tools that can be put in place
  • Listening and caring support for the implementation of adapted trials
  • Monitoring, interpretation, synthesis and communication of results.
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