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Agroecology Project Officer: Support for technical and sectoral consulting, group leadership and coordination of agricultural development projects

My tasks at the CDA :

  • Coordination of “major account” projects: implementation of regenerative agriculture in their supply chain.
  • Expertise and training for farmers on various topics related to soil functioning and biology.
  • Studies (data sheets, benchmarks) and group facilitation for the implementation of sustainable production and food chains.

My background :

As an agronomist, my job is to give the keys to understanding the soil to agricultural actors. The “soil approach” is an essential tool for the development of a carbon-based agriculture that favours the ecosystem services of biology. It should enable farmers to become more autonomous and to capitalise, in their soil, both their income (yield) and their know-how, which they will then be able to pass on sustainably.

I am convinced that the future of agriculture lies in mobilising the skills of farmers. Our role is then to put in place this dynamic of evolution of practices, to accompany them and to facilitate their implementation.

Listening to others means seeing their project in order to act together

My key skills :

  • Support for the agroecological transition: carbon agriculture, soil biology and functioning.
  • Facilitation and support for collective reflection
  • Coordination and engineering of international projects
  • Implementation and creation of sustainable supply chains
  • Organisation of events: study trip / technical days / training
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