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Apprentice engineer / livestock consultant

My tasks at the CDA :

I am training to become an agricultural engineer through an apprenticeship at the CDA, and my missions are mainly focused on the support and monitoring of herbivore farming systems.

For this, I am convinced that a global approach is preferable, which takes into account the dynamic interactions between the different environments: soil, plant and animal.

The place of the human element in the technical equation is also essential, and is achieved through an approach that favours listening and co-construction, which are strong values at the CDA.

My background :

Curious and passionate, I have focused the various opportunities of my career on diverse themes, both in terms of production (dairy and suckling cattle, sheep, market gardening, field crops) and technical specificities (conservation agriculture, grassland systems, experimentation).

These experiences made me realise that an efficient system must be consistent with its context, be it economic, human or pedoclimatic.


Coming from an agricultural background, I am committed to supporting agricultural systems in a pragmatic, innovative and resilient agro-ecological transition in the face of climate and societal challenges.

My key skills :

  • Global approach to a mixed farming system
  • Monitoring, data collection and analysis
  • Technical and scientific monitoring
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